I Stay U Go Pet Care Services, LLC is owned and operated by Kristi A. Suddarth, an animal care professional with over ten years of experience handling and caring for domestic animals.  Her experience as an Animal Care Specialist afforded her opportunities in the areas of breeding, whelping and care of quality pedigreed dogs for one of the Top Breeders in the United States, which is also one of the finest training facilities and canine health centers in North America. 

Kristi is a Certified Animal Massage Therapist and additionally has extensive experience in the areas of natural breeding and/or collections, artificial inseminations, litter whelping and after care and training of puppies. 

Kristi's mission is to provide the best, most compassionate care for your animal companions when you can't be home with them.  Whether it's caring for your sweeties while you are out of town or performing mid-day walks or just spending some quality time playing, she's there for you and for your beloved pets.

With your pets in her care, you can rest assured it's the next best thing to you being home with your pets.



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